Priority Pollutant Analysis

North Water District Laboratory Services is a Houston, TX based laboratory that offers testing for all priority pollutants as defined by the EPA.  For 40 years, NWDLS has been a leading test laboratory, offering cutting-edge tests and analysis for wastewater and other environmental projects. Our certified laboratory and experienced staff have the expertise and knowledge to perform the tests required under the Clean Water Act (CWA), meeting the required methodology and procedural standards set by the EPA.

Priority pollutant analysis is required for wastewater treatment plants, especially during initial and renewal permitting. The EPA requires testing and analysis of the chemical, physical, and biological components of wastewater and environmental samples and has established analytical methods and test procedures for these tests and analyses.  Priority pollutant analysis is a battery of tests that identify whether any of the defined priority pollutants are present in the sample and if they are present in a level that requires remediation. 

Priority Pollutant Testing Lab

NWDLS’s lab is equipped with the latest technology and our professional staff is trained in the protocols necessary to complete your analysis for the 126 priority pollutants identified by the EPA.  Call today to see how we can help you.

Not sure what to test for? Need assistance interpreting your results? Visit the following EPA website to best determine what parameters are right for you and how to proceed once you receive your results.

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