Dredging Water & Elutriate Analysis

Dredging Water & Elutriate AnalysisNorth Water District Laboratory Services, Inc. (NWDLS) is a full service laboratory that performs chemical analyses for inorganic and organic constituents in dredging water and elutriate. NWDLS also prepares the elutriate samples for analysis by the standard or modified method.  For more than twenty-two years, national engineering firms have regularly utilized NWDLS for their chemical analyses and additional lab support needs.  Most notably, NWDLS has partnered with a firm for its Environmental Impact Study project.  The project consists of twenty separate sites that are evaluated quarterly by chemical analyses of sediment, water, and PORE water matrices. Also, NWDLS, currently performs the chemical analyses of samples entailing tissue, sediment, water, and elutriate for the Army Corps of Engineers dredging projects. NWDLS has the NELAP accreditation necessary to satisfy the requirements of USACE protocols as well as private protocols for dredging application, and the instrumentation to achieve the target detection limits.

Not sure what to test for? Need assistance interpreting your results? Visit the following EPA website to best determine what parameters are right for you and how to proceed once you receive your results. http://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/

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