Aerobic System Analysis

NWDLS is a Houston, TX based lab that offers accurate analysis and testing of wastewater treatment aerobic systems to verify that they are operating properly and the treated wastewater meets federal and state regulatory standards.  Aerobic treatment systems are used to treat wastewater that will be used for irrigation or surface applications.

Aerobic System Analysis

The aerobic process forces air into a tank holding the wastewater, promoting an aerobic environment.  The oxygen in the air breaks down organic waste in the wastewater, removing those contaminants from the water. Once the process is complete, the water can then be disinfected and used in irrigation systems or sprayed on the ground.

Aerobic System Analysis Lab

For over 40 years, North Water District Laboratory Services has been a leader in the wastewater analysis industry and we are proud to continue to set the standard in wastewater analysis.  Our certified laboratory has the capabilities to perform the analysis and testing on aerobically-treated water using the latest technologies and methodologies. Our accurate, detailed analysis will assist you in monitoring performance of your aerobic system to ensure that it is operating properly.

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Not sure what to test for? Need assistance interpreting your results? Visit the following EPA website to best determine what parameters are right for you and how to proceed once you receive your results.

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